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Oct 25 PCT Trip Report

Posted By on Oct 27, 2014

The weather called for 60mph wind gusts and pouring rain Saturday But we didn’t care Last Saturday a couple of hardy volunteers faced inclement weather to crosscut some logs from the Pacific Crest Trail. And they even got teased by some humorous hikers. From Highway 66 near Greensprings summit we headed about four-miles south on Soda Mountain Road and started hiking southwest on the Pacific Crest Trail. After a mile into the...

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Hike: Frog Pond, Red Buttes Wilderness

Posted By on Oct 13, 2014

Enjoy Hard Work: Frog Pond Trail, Red Buttes Wilderness Photo courtesy Jason Reilly. Wilderness Volunteers were busy last June clearing this steep, rugged trail just south of Applegate Lake. They crosscut over 38 logs and cleared about three-miles of brush. Go check out the Frog Pond Trail for yourself. From Seattle Bar at the inlet of Applegate Lake head south and after less than one-mile, make a hairpin right turn onto Forest...

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13 October 2014 | Selma, OR — Seven SMC volunteers spent last Saturday packing in 250 Chetco River steelhead into Babyfoot Lake. We arrived at a foggy Babyfoot Lake Trailhead at 11am and introduced ourselves. “We just gotta get these buckets filled,” said fish biologist Steve Mazur with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as he pointed at a large steel box full of trout 3-6 inches long. The clouds lifted a bit...

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Trans-Kalmiopsis Route Trip Report

Posted By on Oct 6, 2014

A Victory Defined by Failures: The Trans-Kalmiopsis Route Trip Report Trip report by Gabe Howe Friday, September 26 | Selma, OR — Driving up to Babyfoot Lake Trailhead we reach above the fog, and I’m crammed in the car with six hikers and good friends: My wife Jill, Allison Gilroy, Tom Doolittle, Stefani Gissel, Brad Dorchuck and Aaron Babcock. And a story teller with a side job of shuttling vehicles:...

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Work Seen From Space

Posted By on Sep 23, 2014

Our Crews Work So hard You Can See Their Work From Space In 2011 a satellite took a picture of Upper Chetco Trail 1102 between Slide Creek and Taggart’s Bar: You can barely make out where the trail in the 2011 image because hundreds of trees killed by the 2002 Biscuit Fire had obscured its location. In 2012 SMC trail crews set out to buck those logs from the trail, and in 2013 Google caught another shot of this location. In that...

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Summer Isn’t Over Yet: Take a Dip Temperatures in southern Oregon haven’t gone down much. It’s still smokey. It’s still summer. So go take a swim in one of these swimming holes that we guarantee will take the edge off any late-summer afternoon. 1. Alfred Loeb State Park: For the whole family Alfred Loeb State Park is an exceptional campground and has a large day use area. Adjacent the lower stretches of...

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Contact: Gabe Howe Tel: 541-708-2056 Email: howegabe(a) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SMC CREWS RESTORE LAST SECTIONS OF 26-MILE TRAIL NETWORK IN KALMIOPSIS WILDERNESS AREA 3 SEPTEMBER 2014 SMC crews have after five years restored the last impassable sections of the Trans-Kalmiopsis Route. In 2010 a small group of volunteers set out to clear a 26-mile network of eight trails in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness that were disappearing from...

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Trail Report: Trans-Kalmiopsis Route

Posted By on Sep 3, 2014

Trans-Kalmiopsis Route: 26 Miles of Mystery, Misery and Bliss Trip Report by Gabe Howe In 2006 I started making bids for the upper reaches of Oregon’s Chetco River via trails in the 180,000-acre Kalmiopsis Wilderness. By 2009 I had found Oregon’s largest un-dammed river, but not without crissing and crossing over 1000s of downed logs that were falling from after the 2002 Biscuit Fire. Shortly after my wife and I foolishly...

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Labor Day Trip Report

Posted By on Sep 2, 2014

Labor Day Support Crew Packs 12-Miles Into Kalmiopsis Wilderness Finds Heaven-like Oasis: Taggart’s Bar By Gabe Howe “It’s really beautiful,” says volunteer Jackie Vargas Friday morning of Labor Day Weekend. She rouses her senses and looks west over Red Mountain Praire. The night before Vargas and SMC board member Allison Gilroy traveled to Grants Pass from Portland on a dicey ride-share. They were met there by...

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SMC Support Crew Delivers Over 120 Pounds To Chetco Blue 25 August 2014 | Brookings, OR — Last weekend volunteers ranging ages 18 – 72 were busy packing supplies into SMC’s trail crew deep in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area. Four volunteers and SMC executive director Gabe Howe arrived to the Vulcan Lake Trailhead early on Friday, August 22. They loaded up their packs with food for a crew working 18 nights in the...

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